Floodman LLC has been serving the Traverse City and surrounding areas are for over 50 years with basement waterproofing and crawlspace encapsulation or as some know it as vapor barrier.  Having a dry basement or crawl space helps with the mitigation of mold and the air quality in your home. Not only can it save the foundation of your home, but it can also help stop odors and it has been shown to help people with allergies and breathing issues breathe better.

What is a vapor barrier system?

Hey there! We’re here to talk about what’s good for your basement or crawl space. The types of things you should be concerned about when considering the options for your basement or crawl space are the moisture, the smell, and how to prevent further damage.

So, what do we recommend? Well, crawlspace encapsulation or basement waterproofing is the best option for your home.

Crawlspace encapsulation is composed of two systems: a concrete crawl space and an interior vapor barrier system. This gets rid of the smell because it eliminates all that moisture that could be coming in. Moisture is what causes mold, mildew, and pests to grow.

A vapor barrier system prevents further damage by keeping moisture to a minimum.

before installation of crawlspace encapsulation traverse city Mi
crawlspace encapsulation traverse city

The Benefits of a Crawlspace Encapsulation or Basement Waterproofing System

Crawlspace encapsulation or basement waterproofing is a great way to protect your home from water, moisture, rodents, and mold. It is a good idea to encapsulate your Crawlspace if you have a damp or wet crawlspace that has been a problem for a long time. You want to make sure that you get the right kind of system in place for your crawlspace. The trained technicians at Floodman will thoroughly examine your space to let you know the best solution to protect your home.

Proof that a Basement Encapsulation System Can Work

It’s time to stop dreading the odors and rodents in your crawlspace. The best way to do this is to get your crawlspace encapsulated with a system that will work.  At Floodman we have been encapsulating crawlspaces for over 50 years in the Traverse City area using the best materials available in the market. In doing so, we have reduced the odor, improved air quality, the crawl space is now dry, and the risk of mold growth dropped considerably.  We believe protecting the health of your home and you like it is our own.

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