Emergency Restoration

Water, fire, and smoke damage can be devastating!

During this trying time, immediate action is necessary to prevent its spread and any need for more extensive repairs. Trust FLOODMAN professionals to handle your restoration needs safely, effectively, and efficiently.

Attending to water damage in the first 48 hours is essential to preventing progressive, and pervasive long-term property destruction. Shop vacs and carpet cleaning equipment are not enough to mediate destruction; expert tools and techniques are necessary to ensure drying is complete.

Rapid structural drying technology saves time and money.

It also effectively reduces moisture in water damage situations, preventing the need for more extensive structural repairs, and reducing the loss of belongings. What’s more, it promotes a healthier environment, preventing the proliferation of illness-causing bacteria and mold.

If toxic gases, smoldering ash, and electrical hazards are not handled and cleaned up properly, it can make the situation much worse. Immediate action from our professional team will help prevent further property damage.