Foundation Repair in Traverse City & Surrounding areas

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Foundation Repair in Traverse City

Foundation Repair in Traverse City

Helical Pier Foundation Support

Our helical piers are used to repair settled foundations, cracks in foundation walls, and to help straighten foundation walls.

When to use helical piers

  • Windows and doors are sticking or hard to open or close.
  • Cracks forming around windows and doors.
  • Cracks forming in and around bricks.
  • Cracks running in your foundation walls.
  • Sunken or broken concrete floor slabs
  • Noticeable nail pops in drywall
  • Chimneys appear to be leaning.
  • Floors become uneven or wavy.

Wall Anchor System

Our wall anchor system is designed to pull your bowing wall back to its normal position with little to no ground disturbance.
Perks to using this product:
  • Slim plate that can be hidden behind a finished wall.
  • Can be painted over.
  • No digging or excavating.
  • Strong zinc coating to prevent rust.
  • Threaded rod design to pull the wall back into place.
  • Uses undisturbed strong soil.

Steel I-Beam Wall Bracing

Our I-Beam Bracing is designed to stabilize the foundation wall where it stands, adding the ability to straighten it in the future.

Perks of this setup

  • No  excavation required
  • I-Beams can be tightened to improve the wall over time
  • Zinc coated to help prevent rust
  • Non-bulky design to safe basement space

Crawl Space Floor Support Jack

Our crawlspace support jacks are made from high strength steel to ensure a long lasting repair. The support jacks are placed on a newly poured concrete slab  to provide a strong base to level out the floor.

What can our product do for you?

  • removes sag in floor joints
  •  Reinforce crawlspace joists
  •  Helps bring sagging floors back to level
  • Quick and professional installation.

Foundation Repair in Traverse City